Harbor Fuels

A yacht fueling at Harbor Fuels
Jim Raycroft

As Boston Harbor’s premier source for marine diesel, Harbor Fuels prides itself on providing the highest quality fuels, additives, and lubricants to both commercial and consumer clients.

We offer the choice of high-speed fueling at our pumps, or take advantage of our high-capacity delivery service.  Whichever your choice, we make it easy to fuel your vessel.  We are proud to be your source for the highest quality marine diesel, marine gasoline, Jet A fuel, lubricants, and additives, all at Boston Harbor’s lowest prices and accompanied by our quality assurance guarantee.

Visit Harbor Fuel's website for more information, including pricing.

Stats & Facts

  • Central location in Boston Harbor
  • Two fuels docks and two barges
  • 24/7/365 commercial self-serve fueling
  • Recreational boat fuel dock
  • Diesel fuel, gas Valtect and Jet A fuel 
  • Barges provide in-slip deliveries
  • Most competitive pricing in Boston
  • Waste oil handling

In Touch

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